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Hannah’s card reading gave me a lot of validation and answers to an important situation I’m going through. It was very positive and gave me reassurance of decisions I’m making in my life.

Teesha P.

Hannah is the sweetest. She gave me a reading and was spot on! She validated exactly what I had been through. And gave insight as to where I was headed in life. Thanks so much Hannah!

Bridget C.

Hannah read cards for me the other night. She touched on some crap that I have been dealing with and she gave me confidence to trust myself. She said I already knew what to do and I do. I had my husband watch the replay and he even said, "Wow. Yup, that's you (me). Thank you, Hannah. Take care!

Hannah Butler read for me on two occasions and I have to say she's very gifted with the messages she has given me. I had a general and a short love reading and both hit on points that were exactly what I was facing in my current situation. I definitely recommend her!!! A very gifted reader! Thank you again 💓 for an amazing reading! 👍👏❤❤

Steph R.

Arlette G.

Hannah, showed me that my feelings are true. She was able to say exactly what’s been on my mind and in my heart. She was spot on. Thank you so much for the reading. You truly helped me out. 💕

Salyna M.

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