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Welcome the enchanting scents of the winter holidays into your home with our Holiday Ornament Passive Diffuser. Combining the charm of a delicately designed snowflake and the aromatic wonders of essential oils, this passive diffuser is a reusable and cost-effective way to enjoy your favorite natural scents. The lovely plaster snowflake is nestled inside a bamboo wood base and features a cotton rope for easy hanging on your Christmas tree or anywhere else to complement your festive decorations.

The snowflake design is porous and unglazed, allowing essential oils to absorb and gently scent the air around it without using any heat or electricity. Simply add 5-6 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend directly to the snowflake and enjoy. Because of the porous material, it is normal for the oils used to discolor the diffuser's surface. Keep this in mind when selecting oils to use with the diffuser and when selecting where to place the oil drops. This will give your Holiday Ornament Passive Diffuser a unique, soft coloring that you can layer on each time you use it.

Holiday Ornament Passive Diffuser

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